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Introducing No Wasted Reps Basketball, a premier basketball league and training program based in New Hampshire, founded by Coach Isiah Anderson in collaboration with GSE Sports. Our mission is to provide top-notch basketball experiences, including private lessons, small group clinics, training camps, strength and conditioning programs, and competitive team play across regional leagues.

Our commitment extends to nurturing and developing aspiring players of all levels within and beyond New Hampshire. Originating in the winter of 2019, No Wasted Reps is dedicated to honing skills and fostering growth.

Coach Anderson places special emphasis on coaching and training girls, recognizing their immense talent and untapped potential often overlooked and underserved.
We also have a competitive boys program that not only serves players in New Hampshire but international players from around the globe. 

Beyond basketball skills, our program fosters essential life skills such as coachability, discipline, and teamwork, transforming athletes into successful citizens, students, and players.


School Girls During Workout

As No Wasted Reps expands, we are dedicated to serving athletes committed to realizing their full basketball potential. Our foundation rests on key principles:

- In the pursuit of excellence, every effort is valuable.
- Practice makes skills permanent.
- We focus on skills directly applicable to the game.
- Character development is as vital as talent enhancement.

Coach Anderson, a Gold Licensed and Insured coach by USA Basketball, with nearly thirty years of coaching experience, has elevated players to their fullest potential. From collegiate athletes to NBA players and international teams, his expertise shines through. He has also been involved with prestigious events like the Nike All American Camp and has directed basketball academies nationwide. He is the author of “Trenches,” a Life Skills Workbook for Elite Athletes.

Our year-round programming, private lessons, and clinics are already in progress. If you're interested in learning more about No Wasted Reps and how to join our program, please reach out to us at


Aiming for the Hoop

Our Team.

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